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Open your Internet Browser and type the URL:

Page as shown in the screen shot will appear when you enter the website.

Click the CANDIDATE tab on top.

After you click on CANDIDATE link, Candidate Login page as shown appears.

A new Candidate will click on SIGN UP or LinkedIn button to get registered on this portal.

When the Candidate clicks on Sign Up, he/she is redirected to the Sign up page as shown.

Candidate should enter all the fields as given on the registration page to get registered. Also, there is a feature if the Candidate wants to upload his/her resume while signing up for the portal.

An activation link will be sent to the registered email address as soon as the Candidate will click on Sign Up to authorize the portal for successful registration.

Candidate need to verify the email address through the link received.

After successful registration Candidate will be directed to the My Profile page where he/she has to fill the details such as address, skills, employment, education, experience, etc.

Candidate will click on Edit button to edit the details of current profile.

When the Candidate clicks on Edit the Edit Profile page appears, where the Candidate can edit their profile details.


Click on the SEARCH tab on top of the page, the Job Search screen will appear.

Candidates has the facility to filter the jobs as per the Job title, Skills, Location, Company, Employment Type and Career Level as shown in the left side of the Job Search page as shown.

Also candidates can create Job Alerts for the jobs that match their profile by clicking on the envelope icon (under Create Alert column) at the end of the job as shown in the Job Search page.


Candidate can apply to a after a job search as well through the Saved Jobs section by clicking the Company name.

Candidate can also view the full job description by clicking on the job. Suppose the Candidate has selected the first job from the Search screen then the Job Details page will appear as shown.

When a Candidate selects any job he/she can apply for that job at the same time or save that job for later or even create alerts for the same job weekly or daily alerts.

When Candidate clicks on Apply the profile is shared with the company recruiter and is moved to Submitted Applications section. Also, Candidate can see the confirmation message.

When the Candidate clicks on Save Job, the job is saved in the Saved Jobs section and can see the confirmation message as show.


When the Candidate clicks on the Create Alert. The Candidate will see the pop-up window where he/she has to select the Alert Notification Type (Daily or Weekly) & click on Save to save that alert.

When the Candidate clicks on save button, the confirmation pop up appears, where Candidate has to click OK to save and confirm the Job Alert and Candidate will be redirected to the Saved Alerts page in their profile where the Candidate can edit the notification type or delete the alert.


Employer has to create a company/employer profile and a Company Admin, once company profile is created; the Company Admin can edit the same in future.

After the company profile is created. SaaS Career support team will provide a single Username and Password for the company to login as the Company Admin.

Company Admin has facility to add users (Employers) based on the package selected. On DASHBOARD, Company Admin can see details like created users, job details, package up gradation etc. as shown in the screen shot.

The Company Admin has to click on the EMPLOYER to login.

When the Company Admin clicks on the EMPLOYER the Employer Login screen appears.

The Company Admin should enter the Username and Password provided by the support team of SaaS Career.

After the successful login, company admin will be redirected to dashboard of the company.

On the Dashboard page, Company Admin can see the Company Information, User Information and No. of posted jobs, premium jobs, active jobs and Inactive jobs.

When the Company Admin clicks on Edit in the Company Information section, the Company Profile page will appear.

In the Company Profile page Company Admin has to enter the details of the Company like Company Name, Address, URL, email and logo.

In User Information section Company Admin can add number of recruiters as per the package they have selected.

For adding an Employer Company Admin has to click on Add New User button and the Add Employer page will appear which will ask for Name and Email address of the Employer and check for availability of email address.

The registered employer will receive a mail regarding that he/she has been added as an employer on SaaS Career portal with a username and system generated password which can be changed after the employer login into SaaS Career portal.

Company Admin can add numbers of users based on the type of package one has selected, the total number of users include the Company Admin also.

Now the registered employer can also post jobs, see applicants who have applied for the jobs and search candidates as per the requirement.


When the employer login into the portal he can go to post jobs tab to post the kind of job they have openings for.

In the Post Job screen employer has to add all the details related to the job they have opening for in their company like skills required, job location, total experience, visa status, employment type, etc.

After entering all the details, when the employer posts the job, it appears in the MY JOBS tab.


In MY JOBS tab employer can View/Edit/Delete the job they have posted and also the number of applicants they have received for a particular job.

Under Applicant column, when employer clicks on the particular applicant’s numeric value, he/she can see the all the details of the candidate who have applied for the particular job.

Candidate List shows 4 candidates have applied for the job, we can see the details of each candidate by clicking on the View Details at the end of the row.

As the employer is able to see all the details of the candidate. There are 6 different tabs provided the details labelled as Resume, Cover Letter, Employment, Skills, Education and Certification which have all the details as named as shown.

If the employer likes the profile of the candidate he/she can contact them via skype/linkedin/email/phone.


Employer also has the facility to search the candidates who are active on the portal by clicking on SEARCH CANDIDATES tab.

On the Search Candidates page, employer can search candidates as per the requirements, they can add filters to the search results like location, position, skills, willing to relocate, experience, visa status, etc. from the left table of the page.

Also, can view the profile of the any candidate by just clicking on the Name.

The Candidate Details screen will appear as the employer clicks on any candidate’s name where he/she can see all the details of the candidate.

The Candidate Details screen will show similar view as the employer viewed in the applicant section.

Also employer has a facility to forward the Resume to any other employer just by adding their email address, candidate’s review and any special message regarding the candidate. Also, employer can see how many views have the candidate got on his/her resume.